Friday, 1 April 2011

new release: DREAMJOCKEY - 29.04.2011

the 29th of april is the album "Earthquakes, Religion and Heartaches,
from the danish duo DREAMJOCKEY, out in Germany and Denmark.
The duo, Kristian Bjerre Herring and Mads Beldring, is doing
two shows in Germany,connected with the release:
14th of May, Prinz Willy, Kiel
17th of May, Antje ├ľklesund, Berlin
longer Germany-tour in October.
Listen to their music:

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  1. Had an earthquake in Silver Spring Maryland (USA, near DC).. In the course of making a Spotify Earthquake playlist i entered the search "Satan Earthquake" and Dreamjockey was the only thing that popped up.. luckily i listened. WOW!! it's like xtc and eggstone and talk talk and andy zipf and some much more all rolled into one big ball of pop music goodness.. I LOVE IT!!!!