Divine Records was formed by dane Flemming Borby, and started out in 2002 releasing the first Labrador album « Goodbye Susanne » including the single « In a Blue Balloon ».
Along releasing more Labrador-albums, followed import of records from the swedish label labrador !-records (The Radio Dept., The Legends etc)
After opening a department in Germany in 2007, around 40 releases in Germany and Denmark has been running through Divine Records. 
To mention a few : Cody « Cody », Moi Caprice « The art Of Kissing Properly », C’est Tout Martine « C’est Tout Martine »  Clara Bryld « On Your Wall » The Migrant "Amerika" -- Anna Scharling, Line Bøgh + many more...

Have a look at the full disography at the discography-site.

In 2009 we hosted the Danish monthly club "Klub Skrål" at Bang Bang Club, Berlin.  
And since 2007, we ONLY focus on Danish music to come out in Denmark and Germany..

   Flemming Borby
   Flemming formed Divine Records 
   and is beside the labelwork,  composer 
   and singer in a.o. Labrador and soloproject: www.flemmingborby.net

    Lasse Jensen
    did an internship in 2011, and is still here...
    Is doing all he can do...