Monday, 5 January 2015


Happy new year!
We are happy to announce the release in GERMANY of the album:
 "Shanghaied Into The Lonely Sea" by Dane LARS ATTERMANN
Release date is: 06 MARCH 2015.
Very beautiful album recorded in Austin, Texas with i.e. the brother legends Charlie and Will Sexton.

Duo tour together with Frieder Graef:
06.03.2015 - Danish Embassy, Berlin
25.03.2015 - Cayman, Gunzenhausen (TBC)
26.03.2015 - Kulturcafé lichtung, Köln (TBC)
27.03.2015 - Badstrasse, Fürth
28.03.2015 - Flic Flac, Münster

Listen to the music:  webplayer Lars Attermann


we released the very praised album "EASY HEART" with JENS LYSDAL last year, 
and he will do a tour with his great trio in March:
03.03.2015 - Prinzenbar, Hamburg
04.03.2015 - Blue Shell, Köln
05.03.2015 - Waldsee, Freiburg
07.03.2015 - Pushkin, Dresden

 photo lysdal_m_guitar.jpg