Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Spil Dansk Dagen i Berlin

The yearly event in Denmark "Spil Dansk Dagen" (smth like "Play Danish Music Day" - a day of celebrating Danish music, but also a day of giving people who normally dont have the possibility to experience live-music, the chance of having artists coming to where they are) will now also take place in Berlin!
That will be on the 20th of October 2012. Two events - one in the afternoon at the Royal Danish Embassy, where Ricco Victor, the head of Spil Dansk Dagen, will open the arrangement, followed by 3 danish artists performing, and in the evening at BiNuuu in Kreuzberg, where 4 Danish artists will perform. Program soon!
Spil Dansk Dagen website

Johanna Elina out in Germany the 14th of September

"It is an unususally peculiar and beautiful debut from the 29-year-old Johanna Elina. There is lyrical depth and evocative and elegantly vasried musical expressions. It is feel-good music, feel-sad music and feel-absolutely-bautiful music throughout all the 10 well-rounded tracks". Photobucket
That were the words from the 6 star-review in the Danish Kultu-Naut, when the debut album for Finnish Johanna Elina came out in Denmark last year. Now the album will be released in Germany, Austria and Switzerland on the 14th of September. Release-tour is planned for February/March 2013. more info at johannaelina.com

Thursday, 8 March 2012

Anna Rosenkilde single and video

The long awaited debut album from Danish dream pop artist Anna Rosenkilde is now on its way and will be released Germany on May 25th.
The upcoming album ‘White Woods’ contains 11 new songs and is written and produced by the artist herself. She also plays most of the instruments on the album. It is recorded in a small studio in her appartment in Copenhagen and is a blend of melodic indie dream pop, found sounds and a touch of distortion guitar.
From today, and the rest of the month you can listen to and download the song Amaranth for free via www.facebook.com/annarosenkildemusic It is the last and longest song on the album.

Anna Rosenkilde explains about the song:
Amaranth is a song I wrote a couple of years ago after a conversation with my grandmother whom I was going to say goodbye to. It is a song about some of all the fantastic things we imagine about the afterlife. It is recorded on her old piano that I have inherited.”

Monday, 5 March 2012

Pics from the Auditorium-concert @ the royal danish embassy, berlin, 24.02.2012

As mentioned before, we hosted an evening at the royal danish embassy in berlin.
Here some pics:



Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Coming releases - spring 2012

The plan for spring 2012 is settled:
11.05.2012 - Vinyl Floor - PENINSULA (Karmanian Records - labelmanagement and promotion)
25.05.2012 - Annae Rosenkilde - WHITE WOODS
08.06.2012 - Sylvester Larsen - SHADOWS

We are doing labelmanagement and promotion for Karmanian Records , and will help them to release and promote the album PENINSULA with the danish band Vinyl Floor the 11th of May 2012 - teaser here:

The 25th of May will be the releasedate for Anna Rosenkildes lovely debut-album "White Woods"
this song civil war is from her EP, released last year (soon video from forthcoming album will be up):

The 8th of June , Sylvester Larsens album "Shadows" is due to release in Germany.
Listen to the single "Silver Dollar" from the album:

Auditorium-Concert at the Danish Embassy in Berlin

the 24th of February we hosted an evening at the Royal Danish Embassy in Berlin.
It was a concert with 3 dansih singer/songwriters living in Berlin.
The line-up was:
Labrador (solo)
Marie Dahl and
Lasse Matthiessen

It took place in their lovely auditorium. And it was really a lovely evening, 1000 thanks to the embassy for having us! Pics coming soon!

The new year starts out good!

Another busy year in front of us, and already a lot has been going on!
We have just released the two great albums The Migrant "Amerika" Photobucket

and Labrador "This Time"
in Germany. (Labrador "This Time" was released the 27th of January and The Migrant "Amerika" was released the 17th of February)
Both albums got great reviews: some qoutes regarding The Migrant "Amerika" :
« nicht jeder schafft es, so warme, sofort heimisch fühlende Melodien zu schreiben » - Rote Raupe
« spartanisch instrumentierte Songs mit direktem Zugang zu Bauch und Herz » - Westzeit
« warmer, unprätentiöser Folk-Pop mit disharmonischen Tendenzen » - Melodie &Rhytmus